Wisconsin Recall Campaign Fundraising -Better use of resources please!

In recent news reports, I have seen huge numbers being thrown out there for campaign funds. I find it somewhat ironic that Wisconsin's Scott Walker has raised some $13 million on this whole recall deal. Why is that ironic, you ask, well, if ANY politician put half as much time and effort into the issues that should be dealt with on their jobs, we wouldn't have half the problems that we do. I am not really into politics, but, I do have some common sense. Why can't we, as a country, start putting the RIGHT people in office? It really isn't that hard. I can remember seeing a story on a news show not too long ago, about a Mayor (I think it was a Mayor, although it could have been some other city or county level position) who had held the position for like 30 years or something. Why? The answer was very simple, HE DOES THE RIGHT THING. There is no money being thrown at him, and it seemed like he wouldn't take it if there were. That is all this country needs, is for people to do the RIGHT thing! Who can argue with that, really? That would also mean no more negative political ads. I, for one, am just SICK AND TIRED of every other commercial (if not every single one) being a political ad and I don't think I have seen one that isn't negative in probably 5 to 10 years. It really sickening. Seriously, all we need is to do the RIGHT THING.


Politics is and has been for years, all about money, and I don't see it changing any time soon.
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The best argument against democracy is a five minute talk with the average voter.
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