TV networks should just say NO!

TV networks should just say NO! It really seems as though pretty much everyone is in agreement that they don't like the negative political ads that are put out there by these anonymous groups. I recall even the President mentioning something along those lines in the last Presidential debate. So, the question is, why does it continue? Would it really be that out of line if the television networks just simply refused to air them? No one likes them, anyone can make them up and say whatever they like by using the numbers to their advantage, etc. In the state of Wisconsin, the airing of them is constant. One party follows the other, it is completely out of hand, in my opinion. Stop the insanity already!!!


The media is the outlet that the government uses for the propaganda that they spew to the American people. It is how they control the people to do what they want, so I doubt that the media will stop airing the negative commercials and what-not. They are all intertwined somehow.

I don't think it will ever change, which is sad.
The whole media thing is ridiculous really, I mean, look at the news, what is it really? It is people talking about and judging other people. The world shouldn't be that way.
The news is terrible, they tell awful stories and put "nice" spins on it so it doesn't seem like it is in bad taste. It's a joke.

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