Threats made to Governor Walker are no surprise

After reading a recent article about the large amount of threats that Governor Scott Walker received, I am not at all surprised. Obviously some people are lacking the knowledge that they can and will be charged for doing such a thing. It is one thing to give an opinion but to boldy outright make death threats is another. Walker really stirred up the pot, so it is inevitable that the people it involves are going to be upset. It is just too bad that more of them can't act mature about it. I would love to see the reaction of government employees (like himself) having to deal with cuts like the union workers. I don't ever see that happening in this country, which is really sad. The government is way too big and should be cut in half (or more) but making threats surely is not the way to get your point across. I know the recall election was a failure, but now it will allow more time to persuade Walker-backers to change their minds.


I don't think Walker-backers will be changing their minds. They are the most pigheaded people I have ever encountered (as most republicans are).

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