New abortion bill - who will pay for the ultrasounds?

I have read some of the news reports recently regarding a new bill that is in the process of going to the Wisconsin State Assembly which will require women to have an ultrasound before they can get an abortion.

I do not think it is right, and beyond that, I have to wonder, who is going to pay for these ultrasounds?

I'm speculating here, but, it seems to me like a high percentage of women who get abortions are low-income, which could in itself be the reasoning behind their decision to get an abortion in the first place. So, are they expected to pay for the ultrasound out of their own pocket?

It wouldn't be surprising if most either don't have health insurance or carry something like BadgerCare, and in that case, the cost would then go back to the taxpayer. Now, I would certainly think that the Republicans would NOT like that idea.

I just don't see this being a reasonable law. I, personally, think that who ever came up with it should keep their ideas in the Right to Life meetings and whatnot and leave it out of government. Roe v Wade - nothing more.

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