Mitt Romney isn't worth our time

Mitt Romney isn't worth our time So Mitt Romney thinks that the 46% of people who don't pay Federal tax are not worth his time? Is this some kind of joke? Seriously, I am just shocked over this! There is a large portion of that percent that are HARD WORKING people! They are probably harder working than most in government and yet Mitt is cutting on them! I can't find any better way to say it, than what an a$$hole! The country need jobs, good jobs and right now there just aren't enough for the POOR people to obtain them and make enough money to pay in Federal taxes. How about a hand-up Mr. Romney, why don't you take a few of your friends out of their nice jobs and give those jobs to people who actually deserve them, need them and would appreciate them!


Typical republican, only out for the upper class. I am SO glad that he lost the election.

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