Governor Walker stomps BadgerCare & helps Police

I was very hopeful that Wisconsin's Governor Walker would help relieve some healthcare woes of Wisconsinites by agreeing to accept funds for the BadgerCare program, in particular, the people who have been on the waiting list, some for a year or more. My hopes were crushed, as Walker made the decision not to help those in need. Instead he talks of jobs with healthcare benefits, but, we are just simply not seeing those jobs. Are those jobs going to be available to the people who are currently on that waiting list? My hope is yes, but, my fear is that the jobs he is speaking of will be more geared toward persons with college degrees, which will not help MOST of the persons on the waiting list. I do not understand the thoughts of our Governor, nor many politicians, but, I can't see giving funds to Law Enforcement to help with DNA testing and not helping people in need of healthcare. Once again, my government has failed and as situations like these continue, I believe many people will feel the same as I.

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