Drug tests for welfare controversy- already partially in place

I have been seeing a lot of articles about Governor Walker putting some rules in place for drug testing in order to receive unemployment benefits and food stamps.

What I haven't seen, which doesn't make a lot of sense, is that there are ALREADY some drug testing rules in place for food stamps.

A few years ago when I was going through the process of applying for BadgerCare, I was told that my household also qualified for food stamps. I was informed then, from someone working in that BadgerCare application processing unit, that if anyone in my household had a felony drug conviction within the last four years that the person would need to go through treatment and also would be required to pass a drug test prior to receiving benefits.

I would assume that the process remains the same now, but, I have seen no mention of it on any social media or news articles. I am not sure why? Is Governor Walker trying to take credit for rules that are already in place? I just don't get it.

It may be more cost effective to have rules as they do now, so as to not be wasting money on a very large amount of drug tests that aren't really needed. I have seen quite a bit of information that supports the facts that some courts found that drug testing for welfare is unconstitutional and the costs of testing everyone would be extremely wasteful. Some other states found very low numbers of positive test results in relation to the costs in order to give the tests.


Interesting, didnt have a clue that this was being done

Get off the drugs if you want free stuff from the people who pay taxes

h yes, A tax payer, so easy to judge addiction. Because none of US has ANY skeletons in our closets right?
I do agree that drug testing AND treatment is a great idea, I dislike the fact that some of you people are so clueless about real life. Seriously, get off your high horse because pretty soon karma's gonna give you splinters.

Food share and W-2 applicants/recipients that have been convicted of drug felonies are required to take drug tests in order to receive benefits.
Drug testing every single applicant would cost way more than the state would save in denying benefits to those that would lose benefits by testing positively.

Don't you need to have dependent children to qualify for most welfare? Is governor Walker saying that we should deny the support for the children of people who have drug addictions or abuse problems?

It certainly isn't the children's fault if their parents are addicts. you bring up good questions!

What about the people who are selling their foodshare to others and using the money for everything else.

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