Boston bombers received welfare - SO WHAT!!

I read an article the other day that was posted on social media about the men who did the bombing in Boston and how they were on welfare at some point in their lives. I do not understand why this is newsworthy? We already know that the men were citizens of this country, so what is the problem here? Would it be in the news if the guys weren't from another country, I doubt it. It did state in the article that the one guys' wife worked about 80 hours per week while her husband stayed home. I don't see how that is relevant either, but, it was published. At least she was working and once they made enough money, they were no longer getting benefits. Why are we so critical of who gets welfare and who doesn't? To all of you who complain about this, have you ever been poor? Have you ever received help of some kind? It is NOT FUN, it is NOT just lazy people sitting around not working. They shouldn't even be categorized at all. They should be given respect, as you would give to others. They are no different, they are human. I see it over and over again, especially on facebook, where these people who have jobs and money are constantly complaining about the poor living better than them, it is a crock of crap! These people say that they are Christians but true Christians should be helping each other, pulling them up, not beating them down or putting them in a different "category" as they are. It is downright sickening to me! article -

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